Jennifer (babydollcivic) wrote,

a new day

its me again and my head is about to explode. i am sitting here doing absolutely nothing besides reading my 23rd email of the day that don't really actually get written to me. If you don't know what I mean its on a group and boy has the shit hit the fan in the car show seen. Oh well this however is what prompted everyone to have an opinion all of a sudden.Moving on we now have plans with at least two different sets of people to night so this shall be interesting. A new friend of mine has a new girlfriend and he has decided it is high time we met. I honestly think he thinks we are going to bond or something as for me and females, well I generally get along with guys more so. I guess its cause i have such a flirty personality that it really gets on peoples nerves not that i care. I know I must sound like a bitch, but generally i'm not I guess I'm just a little more honest than i probably should be. I do know one thing is for certain though. I can't stand a jealous girl they tend to make me madder than anything else, henceforth the reason i normally am not so much as a girl's friend as I am a guy's. Who knows though she may turn out to surprise me very seldom someone does. I guess I shouldn't judge her for the stupid things her ex does however sometimes I wonder how much of it really is her fault. Truth be told though I guess I'll wait to make a definite decision later after I get to know her a lil better. I just hope he dosen't get hurt he like all my other husbands friends manages to pick the real "winners" out of the female population from pluto that is. Just kidding, but the only one that has actually picked someone who isn't horrible is Clint, his wife Sarah is a real sweetheart. CLint is my best friend in the entire world. I guess my confidante as most say. I guess the reason we get along so well as much as I know he hates to admit it is because we're so much alike. Kenny is my husband and he's a sweetheart for the most part. Although like everyone else he can become a pain in the rear sometimes too. :) He knows I'm just kidding. I have set here for the past 30 minutes reading a friend of mines short story (part 1, that is) and I must say I'm really impressed it was really cute, good job, Kit. Well that's kinda what's going on right now I shall update this soon, but bye for now.
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