Jennifer (babydollcivic) wrote,

the start of something interesting

well as i sit here trying to figure out what in the world i'm doing I realize this could be fun it's a whole new way for me to bitch and not drive all of my friends and family insane. you see for those of you who know me you know that my mouth never quits running and half of that time I really am just talking because I can. Naw but seriously though I have never laughed so hard in my entire life as I did last night. I watched a girl get thrown off the back of a car, this wouldn't ordinarily be funny to me however she so deserved it. Her and her drunk friends were cutting up as she was sitting on the back of a car only for one of the girls to decide she no longer wanted them sitting there. All of them complied with the girls request except for the drunkest one of them all so I guess the girl decided to show her that she meant business. she floors it backwards but the girl held on that is until she puts it into drive, and floors it forward. I never knew humans could fly until then, she went right on her butt and rammed her head on the bumper it was amusing to say the very least . Tanner a friend of mine brought some guys ex to the lake last night her exboyfriend showed up flew around the lake pissed, missed the turn and come two seconds away from taking out my husband Kenny's mustang, and Ashley a nine month pregnant friend. To say the least it was a very interesting night. Well i shall say goodbye tonight.
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